Valley of the Moon, Melanie Gideon

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Valley of the Moon, Melanie Gideon
Author: Melanie Gideon
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Pages: 394
Format: DRC
ISBN-10: 0345539281
ISBN-13: 9780345539281
Publisher: various formats
Valley of the Moon

3 stars

Lux is a single mom struggling to make her way when she discovers an idyllic community in the Sonoma Valley. It seems like a place from another time until she realizes it actually is. Lux must keep one foot in her world, raising her son as well as she can with the odds stacked against her, but every day she is more strongly drawn in by the sweet simplicity of life in Greengage, and by the irresistible connection she feels with a man born decades before her. Soon she finds herself torn between her ties to the modern world, her adored son and the first place she has ever felt truly at home.

The beginning was a bit confusing but settles quickly with the story split between Joseph in 1906 and Lux now. I enjoyed when Lux tried to explain technologies and the situation in the world to Joseph. It made me ask myself how I would try to explain stuff to people not familiar with our world.
The excitement in the story was the wait. It was not always possible to move between the time periods with a full moon. The way Lux reacted was often a bit to much. I was wondering why she wanted to go back so badly despite all the trouble it gave her.
The book was very heavy on political correctness . Equality between men and women in 1906 preached by Joseph. The attention that Joseph is not the leader because he is a man but because he is a natural leader. I do support all this but it was a bit to much at moments. The pace of the story was a bit of a problem for my reading too. The jumping timeline. The differences in the speed of the lives.
I liked Benno the most. I would have loved to know more about his thoughts and how he experienced things. The atmosphere in the book is fun though and it is a good read for a rainy day.
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