Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Authors on my auto-buy list

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This weeks topic is authors that are on your auto-buy list. It does not matter what they write you will buy it and this list is going to be difficult because I do not have an author on my auto buy list. I have series on my lists but if the author writes a book outside my beloved series I will look first if it appeals to me. So I will adjust my list a bit to authors I will check out for sure or series that are on my auto buy list.

Elizabeth George 
If it is the Thomas Lynley series I will get the book no matter what. She started a YA series in 2012 and has various books with short stories I do not have and am not really interested in.

The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. 
I picked up the first book in this series by accident more or less. I needed a book and liked the cover though I was not sure on the story. I loved the book after the first chapter already and had the luck that the second installment came out a week after I read the first book. I am keeping an eye on the third book for a release date and will for sure buy it as soon as the translation is released because I read the other two in Dutch too.

Karin Slaughter
If I am held up on a train station or run out of books on my vacation address I easily buy books by Karen Slaughter because I know I will enjoy them no matter what. I do not buy them when they are released though usually because I have enough other books I like to read.

Thea Beckman
Unfortunately this author died in 2004. As a child I read all her books several times from the library. About 10 years ago I decided I would try and get them all on my bookshelves so I am always on the hunt for nice bargains on her books.

And in all honesty this is as far as I can come. I am more of an impulse buyer of books. If I see something I like I buy it if I have the money no matter the author. I am only aware of series and try to buy the first book but I ended up buying seconds or others because I was not even aware that it was a series. I always plan to buy more from an author when I like but eventually I forget.

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26 February, 2013 delete

I haven't read anything from these authors, but they all sound great! Great list :)

Here's my Top Ten!

26 February, 2013 delete

I LOVE PATRICK ROTHFUSS! He made my list too :) Sigh, I cannot wait for the 3rd book (even though I've been putting off reading #2! HA!)