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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Every Tuesday Sheila asks you to post your top ten on a bookish subject.

This weeks top ten is on Bookish Memories and not just any no the Best Bookish Memories. Again I failed to make it to ten. I should start these posts 3 months in advance (for those who do not know this is possible cause the list is available) to come up with 10 answers at some point. I just know I will do it ones. But here are my best Bookish memories. 

  1. The library in my home town: My mum took us there every wednesday afternoon to get new books. When I grew older I was allowed to go by myself. I was there almost every rainy afternoon just browsing books. After I moved away from my hometown I never got that feeling with a library again.
  2. The Children of Noisy Village by Astrid Lindgren: I got this book at some point. In my memory it was my first real book, with a lot of pages and a lot of letters and I was very proud. I read the book so many times I can still recall parts of it. 
  3. Finding my childhood favorite books for a bargain: Books are expensive and popular books do not end up in sale boxes. As a child I loved the books by Thea Beckman and checked them out of the library multiple times but they where six and the new ones are still 18 euro's a piece. I went on a hunt for second hand ones but that was not easy too. Finally I found them all six for 25 euro and I was so happy.
  4. Going to Manuscripta: Manuscripta is a Dutch festival where publishers announce their new releases. I am not much of a convention/festival goer. I hate crowds and pushy people but last year I really wanted to visit this festival cause one of my favorite authors was coming. And there where all this new books plus the crowds where not bad so in the end I really enjoyed it.
  5. Seeing Carlos Ruiz Zafón: at Manuscripta. I really love his books and the newest in The Cemetery of Forgotten Books was just released that same weekend. I was not able to say one word that made sense *probably just did an awkward stare thing*  but got my copy signed so that went well.
  6. The first time I was allowed in the adult section of the library: So I had a problem at our library at some point cause I practically finished all the children books I was interested in and it was not that they had a lot of new stuff coming in that combined with my reading speed. When I was 11 my mother went with me to the library arranging I could borrow books from the adult section. All the new books I was getting access too. I was so happy. On my first trip I took home a Virginia Andrews and a Stephen King book which I found out not soon after where not all that appropriate for an 11 year old.
  7. All the time I spend with a book: Whether it is a book I hate or a book I love reading a book is an important way for me to relax. When I am cuddling up with a book it is ME-time and that is very necessary. I get cranky when I do not have enough time for my books. Therefore every minute spend with a book is a good memory those with books I love are even better memories.

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05 February, 2013 delete

Great list, I understand the last one. I need peace and quite to read my books and I get really cranky when I'm being interrupted a million times...
I know how it feel being too young for some book but to me happened the other thing, being too old. I adore a certain series of comic books from a Slovenian author that were in the kid section. I wasn't even allowed to borrow them after I hit 14 and had to send my little brother to get them for me. I was really pissed, libraries are supposed to be a place when you borrow books to read as you wish and I was not allowed to. Honestly... -.-

Alisa Selene
05 February, 2013 delete

Going to Manuscripta: Manuscripta is a Dutch festival where publishers announce their new releases...this sounds seriously cool! I want to go!