Top Ten Tuedays: My top 10 favorite mystery solvers

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Every Tuesday Sheila asks you to post your top ten on a bookish subject.

This week its about favorite characters from a genre. My favorite genre is mysteries. I love to puzzle along in a book. Most of the people in my list are detectives or connected to the police but I did name a few other ones who showed remarkable skills in solving the puzzles in my favorite books. And I managed to get to 10 this time. 
Barbara Havers & Thomas Lynley
From The Inspector Lynley series by Elizabeth George the first people on my list. I got all the books and read them several times. I love the interaction between these two characters.
Lucas Davenport (Series by John Sandford)
The first dark and broody man I was introduced to in my books. I was a teenager and maybe the books where not really suitable for my age yet but I knew I had to read all the books with Lucas in it.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock is THE detective of literature.
The Famous Five (do they count as five?)
I think they are the reason I love the crime mystery genre so much. When I was a child I could read their books over and over again. I loved all the mysteries they walked into and how they went on the search for answers.
Matthew Shardlake (Series by C.J. Sansom)
Intriguing books set around 1550 where Matthew has to solve various crimes and other puzzles in name of the King or to save himself.
Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger
Not exactly on the crime side of mystery solving but they do solve some great mysteries together.
Will Trent (Series by Karin Slaughter)
When reading books with Will Trent they gave me the same feeling as the books with Lucas Davenport. Both are struggling man having their hart in the right place but rough and not always very subtle. 
Sara Linton and Jeffrey Tolliver (Grant County series by Karin Slaughter)
Another couple I cannot take apart. Both are strong personalities and for me they belong together and will not be able to solve their crimes apart. 
The narrator of the Historian (did she ever get a name?)
I love this book. And I love the way the young narrator works her way trough her fathers papers to be able to help him out. She is adventurous and does not let herself be scared easily.
Margaret Lea (The Thirteenth Tale)
I loved this book and I loved the way Margaret put the pieces together (and the fact you could easily puzzle along)
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19 February, 2013 delete

Yay Sherlock! And I completely agree about Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Great list :)

Here's my Top Ten!

19 February, 2013 delete

I like your twist on the post. Awesome list. New follower. Here's my TTT

19 February, 2013 delete

I remember reading Elizabeth George's first book and thinking how great those two characters played off of each other. Davenport was another favorite of mine. Great list.