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On the Rim Florida Ann Town, cover
Ellen is blindsided by her husband's request for a divorce and the news that everything she thought they jointly owned is in his name.Depressed and defeated, her life spirals out of control, until she impulsively decides to buy a bike and attempt the journey of a lifetime. Nervous and tenuous at first, she eventually gains strength and confidence and sets her sights on riding to California.Just as she determines this is something she is really going to do, tragedy strikes. The family draws together and Ellen s husband decides he wants her back. Everyone is in favour of the plan, except Ellen, who feels that her hard-won independence is being stripped away.Now Ellen is truly at a crossroads. For the first time in her life, she must do what is best for her, ignoring the pressures placed upon her by other people.

Florida Town is a graduate of Simon Fraser University. Florida has worked as a newspaper reporter, feature writer, editor, and radio host, and has a lifelong interest in outdoor sports. She is also a gold medalist in solo outrigger paddling at the World Master Games. She lives in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

This is a story where you will recognize something. The way Ellen reacts or want to react. The way people in her surrounding act or the moment someone that is not know for it suddenly stands up. The development of Ellen trough the story is done so well, making it clear how hard it is to change yourself even though you know it will probably help you for the better. How difficult it is to stop reacting in a certain way because you have been used to react like that all your life. Living the story inside of Ellen's head this struggle becomes real and I really wanted to cheer her on but I had some yell moments too.
Though most of the story it is Ellen who wants to stand up against Al you feel that her children see her in a certain way too and expect her to do things. This was more subtle but still well worked out.
Ellen is a character that is easy to identify with. I really loathed Al his behaviour he did not show that much respect and I cannot stand people like that. I loved the bike... yeah that was a character for real. I cycle a lot and I love to take my time to think about things the way Ellen did. I do feel a bike gives you that freedom. I really enjoyed the read.

On the Rim
Author: Florida Ann Town
Publisher: Dundurn Group
Pages: 232
Format: eGalley
ISBN-10: 145970519X
ISBN-13: 9781459705197
Dundurn Group: various
On the Rim

3 star review

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30 September, 2013 delete

Ah, A woman's journey of self discovery! This sounds lovely. Her husband doesn't sound like a nice guy, I mean he wants to divorce her and then when something bad happens then suddenly he wants her back. Sounds like emotional abuse...