Review: Ruin Value, J. Sydney Jones

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book on Netgalley from the publisher in return for an honest review*
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As Europe prepares for the Nuremberg trials, a killer stalks a broken city
Nuremberg is a dead city. In the aftermath of World War II, two-thirds of its population has fled or is deceased, with thirty thousand bodies turning the ruined industrial center into a massive open grave. Here, the vilest war criminals in history will be tried. But in Nuremberg’s dark streets and back alleys, chaos rules.
Captain Nathan Morgan is one of those charged with bringing order to the home of the war crime trials. A New York homicide detective who spent the war in Army intelligence, he was born to be a spy—and now, in 1945, there is no finer place for his trade than Nuremberg. As the US grapples with the Soviets for postwar supremacy, a serial murderer targets the occupying forces. Nathan Morgan may be the perfect spy, but it’s time for him to turn cop once more.

J. Sydney Jones is the author of a dozen books of fiction and nonfiction. He lived for many years in Vienna and has written several books about the city. Jones has also lived and worked as a correspondent and freelance writer in Paris, Florence, Molyvos, and Donegal. He and his wife and son now live on the coast of Central California.

Just after the war in the rubble of a bombed city and murder I knew this could be an interesting read and it was. This book is not an action filled it is slow and builds op tension. It has a great atmosphere for a mystery very dark. The development in the story was well done too. Even though you learn halfway the book who the killer is and bits and pieces about the motives it is still interesting to see where it all will end.
I did have a problem though with the characters. None of them really sparked in my opinion. You get some background about all of them that sets a basic for their personalities. There are few characteristics to recognize them by making that I often mistook the one man for the other. Morgan has a bit more personality available but even he could not really impress me.

Ruin Value
Author: J. Sydney Jones
Publisher: Mysterious Press
Pages: 302
Format: eGalley
ISBN-10: 1480426911
ISBN-13: 9781480426917
Ruin Value

3 star review

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29 September, 2013 delete

Hmmmm . . . the topic sounds interesting, but you rated it a 3, so I guess I'll skip it.

30 September, 2013 delete

Why didn't my previous comment post? :( Anyway I don't think that this is a book I'd like to read, but thanks for your review, Ciska!

02 October, 2013 delete

It's a shame the thing you mentioned about the characters, because the book looks really great!
I'm still interested despite the 3 stars :))