Books for the Month: November 2012

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November has started of with both rain, storm and sun too. I love autumn and all the changing weather. I love to curl up on the couch while I can hear the rain on the roof.

This month I do not have a lot of special things planned. On the 11th of November there is St. Martins day. My outside light is not working so the kids do not know they are welcome at my door. Might have to come up with something so they do come. Furthermore Sinterklaas will arrive this month so we can eat all the candy and it is getting closer to Christmas and setting up the tree.

For books I have not planned a lot either. I am slowly trying to finish all my challenges I had for this year and read some books I have been looking at for a long time but did not find time for.

I finished "Before I go to Sleep" by S.J. Watson yesterday for my @Leestweeps twitter chat tonight.
Other books I plan to read this month are:
  • Jellicle Girl / Stevie Mikayne (requested review)
  • Blue Rose in Chelsea / Adriana Devoy (requested review)
  • XVI / Julie Karr (A-Z- challenge)
  • You Deserve Nothing / Alexander Maksik (A-Z challenge)
  • The Zookeepers Wife / Diane Ackerman  (A-Z challenge)
  • From Dead to Worse / Charlaine Harris (series challenge)
  • Dead and Gone / Charlaine Harris (series challenge)
  • Dead in the Family / Charlaine Harris (series challenge)

 I will spend some time this month too with the for most people less exciting book "Inside SQL server 2008 T-SQL Querying" which might be the biggest one with over 800 pages but I will take my time with that one.

Do not hesitate to link up your November plans. Am curious what you read when the storms are coming.
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