Books for the Month: November Round Up

caterpillar Dierenpark Emmen November
November is gone already. I am amazed how fast time is going. I met an interesting animal this month. We went to Dierenpark in Emmen and they have a very beautiful butterfly garden with these monsters hanging around. We stayed in a very cozy hotel for a couple of days and enjoyed it a lot.

Though during our days out I did not manage to read that much I still got a nice score this month. At the beginning of the month I planned to read the following books:
  • Jellicle Girl / Stevie Mikayne (requested review)
  • Blue Rose in Chelsea / Adriana Devoy (requested review)
  • XVI / Julie Karr (A-Z- challenge)
  • You Deserve Nothing / Alexander Maksik (A-Z challenge)
  • The Zookeepers Wife / Diane Ackerman  (A-Z challenge)
  • From Dead to Worse / Charlaine Harris (series challenge)
  • Dead and Gone / Charlaine Harris (series challenge)
  • Dead in the Family / Charlaine Harris (series challenge)
I managed to read them all in November and I read Dead Reckoning and Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris meaning I managed to finish the whole Sookie Stackhouse series this year.
As I finished my X, Y, Z books for my A-Z challenge too I only got 2 books left for my series challenge and 11 books for my Goodreads challenge but I believe I will manage all.

I am slowly preparing for 2013 considering what reading challenges to participate in next year.

Do you have a challenge up for 2013 feel free to link me up. 
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