Train on Thursday: Zomerhuis met Zwembad, Herman Koch

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Looking up every now and than where we were the woman reading the book had an interesting style in flipping pages. She started to flip the page when she was starting reading at the top of the page. I was wondering if she really was reading so fast but obviously she was not. After I start to wonder if she ever flips the page to early. It really made me think how I flip my pages when reading a paper book.

She was reading a book by a Dutch author Herman Koch. 

Zomerhuis met Zwembad Herman Koch coverDue to a medical mistake GP Marc Schlosser made one of his patients, the famous actor Ralph Meier, died. He is held accountable by the Medical board but is not really worried by that. He is expecting a suspension of two months maybe as everybody know everybody.

But was it a medical mistake? Marc was having problems with his patient who had shown to much appreciation for his beautiful wife Caroline. Or is there a chance it has to with the summer house the Meier's invited the Schlossers to spend time with them.

I have not read any of Herman Koch's books. I know The Diner has been very popular and this one seems to be just as popular. Though the star ratings on GR are average for both books. There is a healthy curiosity cause I like mysteries but I do not feel like putting this book on my to read shelf. I might pick it up at some point when I keep walking into it and do not have anything else at hand.

Did you read a book by Herman Koch? If yes what did you think of it? How do you turn your book pages?
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