Books for the Month: December 2012

December is a very busy month with Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Year, combined with several birthdays and the necessary shopping. Still with the weather growing cold and usually wet in my country I tend to find enough time to read.

last minute read a thon vonnie's corner buttonThis month I have to finish my Goodreads reading challenge. I still have 10 more books I need to read for that challenge. I am not sure I will be able to read that many without a little help so I decided to join the "Last Minute Read A Thon" organized by Vonnie over at Vonnie's Reading Corner. I have those days free and it might help me get that last books in.

The books I am planning to read this month are the following:
  • The Detective / Jonathan L. Howard (Series Challenge)
  • The Fear Institute / Jonathan L. Howard (Series Challenge)
  • The Memory Keeper's Daughter / Kim Edwards
  • Skipping Christmas / John Grisham
  • The Christmas Bake Off / Abby Clements
  • Dash and Lily's Book of Dares / Rachel Cohn
This are not ten books but I have not really made any plans what to read after these. I am still finishing The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton which means I need 3 more books. I will see further in the month what I feel like cause I still have enough books lying around that need to be read.

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Vonnie Rivera
01 December, 2012 delete

Yay! Glad you could join us :) I wish you tons of luck with your Goodreads challenge.