Last Minute Reading Read-a-thon Kick Off

So I signed up for a Read-a-thon cause I got plans for my days off. Those plans consist of reading all the books I still got left... or at least a few of them. I am still trying to finish my Goodreads Reading Challenge .. almost there... and I still got one book left in my series challenge.

Last Minute Reading Read-a-thon Vonnie's Reading Corner button
I was glad to see that Vonnie over at Vonnie's Reading Corner organized this Last Minute reading read-a-thon to get me trough those last books of the year. She even made a very nice button for it. I decided to join in to get that last minute motivation.

My plans...
Well I still need to read The Fear Institute by Jonathan L. Howard.
I still need 2 books for my Goodreads Challenge for which I would like to read one extra book too because I read 2 very short books (25 and 37 pages). For now my planned books are The Angel's Game and The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I have not had a chance yet to read the last book and I prefer to read the series as a whole (yes if a new book is released I am that person to start re-reading the whole series)
If I manage to read these books I still got a nice pile on my bedside table which has been living there since the beginning of September and has been screaming for my attention. I will pick up a title I feel like if I manage to read the other books.

I wish all the other participants all the luck to finish their challenges and if you need a cheerleader just let me know.
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Vonnie Rivera
25 December, 2012 delete

Wishing you lots of luck in reaching your goals.

Make sure you stop by the kick-off link so you can enter the giveaway for participating in the read-a-thon.