Train on Thursday: Reizen zonder John, Geert Mak

And another weekly on my train escapades. If I travel with public transport and see people read I cannot help myself I have to know what other people read while waiting for bus or train.

While the woman was leaning against his shoulder looking at all the people rushing trough the train station, the man sat there reading a fresh book. He seemed to be thrilled to finally have it and could not wait to get started.

On September 23 1960 John Steinbeck took his poodle Charley for an expedition trough the American continent. He wanted to reconnect with his country and his fellow countrymen. Exactly 50 years later Geert Mak stood in front of Steinbecks old house. It was the start of a new expedition tracking Charley and John trough fresh eyes in a new era.
What has been changed in the cities and villages, what happened to Mainstreet USA? What became of the dreams of these people and what is left of the promised land? But most of all what are the bounds between America and Europe in the 21th century.

Geert Mak avoided the paved roads, drove thousands of miles trough fields in Maine and the Midwest. Spoke to farmers, workers, fishermen and teachers. Found brand new suburbs and closed up village stores. Looking for stories of the country no one is ever done talking.

And lets not forget about John Steinbeck. What drove him to take this trip in the first place?
Though I am not much of a non fiction reader this book does intrigue me. First the cover.. I was attracted by that one immediately. Second I really like the idea behind this book. I am not sure if I end up reading it. I have not added it to my to read shelf but I might find myself at the bookstore check out with this book in hand all of a sudden.

What do you read on the train, bus, tram or bicycle?
Feel free to leave a comment or a link to your book travel experiences on this post.
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