Top Ten Tuesday: Books that surprised me in both positive or negative way!

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Every week the girls from the Broke and Bookish come up with a subject and you and I have to make a top ten.
This weeks top ten holds the books that you though you would love but only liked or the other way around. I made a list of three from both. I am sure there are more but these are the ones that really stood out. 

Books I did not want to pick up that bad but liked in the end
1. Harry Potter
I always steered away from fantasy and magic and stories like that. It was never for me. When the 5th book was released I was working in daycare with kids age 4 to 10 and the older ones where totally obsessed. One day I was walking in Amsterdam on the Waterlooplein and a salesman there had the first 4 books for €20,- so I did not really have an excuse not to try them for that kind of money. I bought them and was hooked.
2. The Millenium Trilogy
The synopsis for the Millenium books never appealed to me. I was not sure if it was the location or something else. I noticed the last year that I am wary of Nordic crime writers even though they belong to the most popular ones in the world. Maybe the popularity even was the problem. I was sure I would maybe mildly enjoy the first book but not more. Obviously I loved it and finished the whole trilogy in 5 days.
3. Senseless
I was not attracted to the subject of this book at all. But I got it sat in a book package with 7 books for less, wanting to have 5 of them I ended up buying the box. I was short on reading material and picked this book up out of curiosity but still in doubt. Though the story is disturbing and raw it gave such a brilliant insight in the period where AIDS and HIV where just conquering the world. I am not sure if like is the right word but it for sure did something to me I had not expected.

Books I thought I would love and maybe did not even finish
1. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
I was looking forward to this book so much and was so disappointed. I expected much more of the poison and family problems in this book. I do not dare to pick up more of this series even though they get great reviews.
2. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
I loved the picture idea but experienced the story as weak and maybe even as not very original. I have the feeling it could have been more.
3. Dracula
This one might be a bit weird in this list. Though I do not think the story is bad I simply could not get trough it. I tried both reading and audio book but where the use of language disturbed me in reading some of the voices in the audio book disturbed me evenly. In a way I liked the mystery in the book but I could not finish it.
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23 April, 2013 delete

The Harry Potter series is brilliant! I'm glad you liked reading it! I haven't read Dracula before. It doesn't really appeal to me. Great list.

23 April, 2013 delete

I have yet to read Dracula. I saw the '39 movie and it was odd haha :D
I cannot wait to start on Millennium trilogy, better be good! :D

24 April, 2013 delete

SO glad you finally read HP. I ADORE Those books, but was like you and so hesitant to start. But I AM SO GLAD I did :)

25 April, 2013 delete

I loved reading the Millenium Trilogy! I might even re-read it!

As for Miss Peregrine's... I have the book for about 2 months now (I bought it, because the book and the pictures are great). I have read reviews that weren't in favour of the book, but I will have to see for myself :)