Train on Thursday: The Red House, Mark Haddon

I travel with public transport on regular base. One of my favorite past times when in bus or train besides reading is checking out what other people read. I usually look these books up (especially when someone is so hooked they don't notice me checking them out) to see if they would be something for me.
In this weekly I will introduce you to the books I spotted while traveling. Feel free to leave a comment with your public transport picks or spots. If you want to write your own post feel free to link your post in the comments.

The Red House Mark Haddon cover
After his mother's death, Richard, a newly remarried hospital consultant, decides to build bridges with his estranged sister, inviting Angela and her family for a week in a rented house on the Welsh border. Four adults and four children, a single family and all of them strangers. Seven days of shared meals, log fires, card games and wet walks.
But in the quiet and stillness of the valley, ghosts begin to rise up. The parents Richard thought he had. The parents Angela thought she had. Past and present lovers. Friends, enemies, victims, saviours. And watching over all of them from high on the dark hill, Karen, Angela's stillborn daughter.

Actually this book has been on my shelf to be read since like forever or that is what it feels like. I have been moving it up and down. I have been hearing a lot of different opinions on this book from various people and this makes me doubt it over and over. Even now it is being read for the twitter book club for the 14th of April I still have not read it. I guess it is going to be on my shelves and just stay there and one day I will pick it up. I am curious about your thoughts on this book if you read it.
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11 April, 2013 delete

Ooh I haven't read it but it sounds good! I loved A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon. I've added The Red House to my goodreads list!