Train on Thursday: Yesterday's Streets, Silvia Tennenbaum

I travel with public transport on regular base. One of my favourite past times when in bus or train besides reading is checking out what other people read. I usually look these books up (especially when someone is so hooked they don't notice me checking them out) to see if they would be something for me. In this weekly I will introduce you to the books I spotted while travelling.
If you want to join in this weekly feel free to write your own post on the books you spot. That can be anywhere, in the park, on the street, in line at the bookstore / library. There is a linky in the bottom to link up your post or leave a comment.

De Wertheims, Silvia Tennenbaum The well-off Jewish family Wertheim is well known in the society in Frankfurt at the start of the 20th century. They live according to their own principles, they celebrate Christmas big even though some family members have a problem with that. Edu, the youngest of 5 brothers is a banker and art collector. After the dead of their father he takes on the role as head of the family. His believes are that Jews are like anybody else and if they are not they should be. He takes care of his nieces Lene and Emma.
While the situation in Germany is changing the new generation Wertheim's is looking for love and happiness. But when Hitler gets elected the family collapses. Edu leavesfor Switzerland and other family members manage to get to Italy, Paris, Amsterdam and the USA . But not all of them will manage to escape the Nazi's.

This book is old but has been released pretty recent here. I have seen it around and it has been catching my eye so I was not surprised to see a woman reading it on the train. Still I am not sure about picking it up. There are so many books on this subject that also catch my attention over and over again and with the big pile that is on my night stand it just does not appeal to me enough. Maybe someday but not now.

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So many great books about this heartbreaking period of time!