The Many Faces of Josephine Baker, Peggy Caravantes

The Many Faces of Josephine Baker, Peggy Caravantes
Author: Peggy Caravantes
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
Pages: 208
Format: eArc
ISBN-10: 1613730349
ISBN-13: 9781613730348
Chicago Review Press: various formats

Josephine Baker was the face of the Jazz Age. This book tells the story of her life, growing up poor and developing herself into a star, a spy, an activist and a mother. Added to the book are photographs and informative sidebars giving extra information on subjects mentioned in the story.

Josephine Baker is a name well known. I know it from theatre but not only. Fun thing is that I could not really recall what else I had heard about her. There are so many stories. Seeing this book up for a review request I wanted to read it to ease my brain.
One of the first things the author mentions in her introduction is that there are a lot of stories about Josephine Baker and though parts are true it is difficult to find out what parts exactly. Not even all the stories Josephine told herself about herself are true. Unfortunately this feeling shows in the story. Trying to keep the story correct I missed emotion, the excitement that must have surrounded her life. Still I do think there is a complete view about all the things Josephine Baker did in her life.
There was a lot of extra information in the book, both pictures and extra information on situations described like special theatres or historical backgrounds. This was a nice addition to the story but does not really work in an ebook. Most of the images I checked on the computer and it gave me a fun trip around the internet with all the information connected to Josephine Baker.

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