Wishlist Wednesday: Goodbye for Now, Laurie Frankel

Wishlist Wednesday is a weeklies hosted by Pen to Paper. As I have enough wishes when it comes to books I decided to join this weekly and tell you about them. I am obviously curious about the books on your wishlist too so feel free to leave a message.

Sam Elling works for an internet dating company, but he still can't get a date. So he creates an algorithm that will match you with your soul mate. Sam meets the love of his life, a coworker named Meredith, but he also gets fired when the company starts losing all their customers to Mr. and Ms. Right.

When Meredith's grandmother, Livvie, dies suddenly, Sam uses his ample free time to create a computer program that will allow Meredith to have one last conversation with her grandmother. Mining from all her correspondence—email, Facebook, Skype, texts—Sam constructs a computer simulation of Livvie who can respond to email or video chat just as if she were still alive. It's not supernatural, it's computer science.

Pretty cover alert!! I love the typography on this cover. The title combined with the planes (freedom) were giving me all the feelings.
Reading the synopsis it could be a hit or miss. It all depends how well all the factors that play a part in the story are worked out but I am very interested for sure.
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Jennine G.
27 February, 2015 delete

I love this cover. Blue is my favorite color and with the planes it's certainly colorful. It also makes me think of nice weather, which we haven't seen in so very long!

27 February, 2015 delete

Ahhhh that IS a lovely cover!! I agree, the typography is fantastic. :)