And there goes... February!

February . With 28 days I always end up feeling cheated. Before you know it the next month is there.

Books read: 7
Pages: 2614
Goodreads Challenge: 14 books of 52

The Girl on the Train byPaula Hawkins €8,95
Total February €8.95
Total 2015 €41,92

I am really proud of not buying more books. I have seen a lot of books I wanted but managed to walk out the book store without them.

Added to the never ending TBR
The Last Bookaneer: A Novel by Matthew Pearl
The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler
The Curse Keepers Collection Swank by Grover Denise
The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber
Million Dollar Baby by Amy Patricia Meade
Missing You by Harlan Coben
Love is Red by Sophie Jaff
Disclaimer by Renee Knight,
The Girl on the Train byPaula Hawkins

Most of these books are review books I got approved for this month.

On a personal note
Work is crazy. Obviously this is a good thing but it becomes more clear every day that we need more people to get it all done. We booked our summer holiday and it is such a shame it is still so far away. I had a fun weekend in Milton Keynes with two friends visiting the Jersey Boys UK tour. We are making new plans already.

Looking forward
Work will not change this month probably so I hope it will not strain me to much. I am pretty much up to date with my books but do need to write a lot of posts this month still.
I might catch up with King's March organized by Wensend and Fourth Street Review. I did schedule my IT review this month but might catch up on some SK reading too.
This month Boekenfestijn is close to my home and we did make an appointment with a view people to visit. So my book buying behaviour might be a bit out of control but we will see at the end of March.

Tell me about your plans?!?
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28 February, 2015 delete

"My book buying might be a bit out of control" hahaha it's okay Ciska, just admit that it WILL be out of control! ;) Have fun!!

01 March, 2015 delete

Happy March reading!

Jennine G.
02 March, 2015 delete

You got a good number read in one month!

02 March, 2015 delete

Yeah, February is one of those "blink and you'll miss it" moments xD I'm hoping that the weather will start lightening up this month though....Yay on the book buying front! Best of luck with your plans here on your blog this March and hoping that work won't be as crazy :)