Mistress Firebrand, Donna Thorland

Mistress Firebrand, Donna Thorland
Author: Donna Thorland
Publisher:Nal Trade
Format: eArc
ISBN-10: 0451471016
ISBN-13: 9780451471017
Nal Trade: eBook | Paperback
Mistress Firebrand
3 stars
Jennifer Leighton has only one dream. She wants to write plays and have them performed at the Drury Lane Theatre. There are a view things in her way. First she is female. Second she is in New York writing plays for a small theatre. Third, she does not have the connections. When the playwright General John Burgoyne visits the city she is taking her chances to get his patronage. On her way to him she is confronted with Severin Devere an English officer who is supposed to keep the general safe. As their love unfolds the situation in New York changes for the worst. While enemies close in they are looking for ways to make Jennifer her dream come true.

Every now and then I like to read a little romance. When I saw this book combined with the theatre aspect I knew there was a chance that I would enjoy it.
I liked Jennifer. She is a strong woman with a goal. I liked how even though she was really in love she did not let her life hang on what the guy did for her. Actually her character made all the guys in the story a bit unnecessary.
The story was interesting enough with a lot of things going on. The story of females combined with theatre and the ideas about that. The war on New York between the English and the Rebels. The development of the love story. I enjoyed this story.
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