It, Stephen King

IT Stephen KingIT
Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Signet
Pages: 1090
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 0451169514
ISBN-13: 9780451169518
Signet: Paperback

4 stars

It began on a day in June of 1958, the day school let out for the summer. That day Henry Bowers carved the first letter of his name on Ben Hanscom's belly and chased him into the Barrens, that day Henry beat up on Bill Denbrough and Eddie Kaspbrak, the day Bill had to save Eddie from his worst asthma attack ever by riding his bike to beat the devil. It ended in August, with seven desperate children in search of a creature of unspeakable evil in the drains beneath Derry. In search of It. And somehow it ended.
Or so they thought. Then.
On a spring night in 1985 Mike Hanlon, once one of those children, makes six calls. Stan Uris, accountant. Richie "Records" Tozier, L.A. disc jockey. Ben Hanscom, renowned architect. Beverly Rogan, dress designer. Eddie Kaspbrak, owner of a successful New York limousine company. And Bill Denbrough, bestselling writer of horror novels, Bill Denbrough who now only stutters in his dreams.
These six men and one woman have forgotten their childhoods,have forgotten the time when they were Losers...but an unremembered promise draws them back, the present begins to rhyme dreadfully with the past, and when the Losers reunite, the wheels of fate lock together and roll them towards the ultimate terror.

Last year I wrote a post on IT for Celine over at NYX reviews. This made me realize how much I wanted to revisit this book. As it is a pretty big one I decided to pick it up during the holidays so I had a lot of time for reading.
I recall from the first time I read it that it scared me so much. That scary clown and all the weird things happening. I was 12 and the kids in the story could have been my friends.
As an adult you see different things. The dynamics between the children and the adults. Situations get a different meaning. All of a sudden the characters started to live for me more than the horror. It was a great experience to revisit this book!
Still the atmosphere in the book is giving you the chills. Though I still knew the big lines of the story filling the gaps in my memory again with the details still got me hooked. The characters that you need to like are made likeable and the other way around. There are some weird things happening and specially a scene far in the story with Beverly I still don't understand.

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22 March, 2015 delete

The Beverley scene... I don't understand it either.

23 March, 2015 delete

Yea, THAT SCENE was needless. But overall, this is my favorite King book.

26 March, 2015 delete

I'm reading 11/22/63 for Kings March - the first section is set in Derry in 1958 - the autumn after the summer of IT.
Beverly & Richie make an appearance too :-)