Books for the Month: Januari 2013

I decided to start January with a nice clean up of my nightstand pile. I have been accumulating books there for the past 4 months and have not been reading much from there. I feel it is time to clean those up a bit specially because there are some great books there I have been dying to read and could not find time for once I got them.

My books for January are the following:
  • Madeleine Albright:  Prague Winter (Dutch)
  • Pascal Mercier: Perlmann's Silence
  • Mitch Albom: The Time Keeper
  • Randy Susan Meyers: The Comfort of Lies (Dutch)
  • David Lodge: A Man of Parts
  • Paul Murray: Skippy Dies (Dutch)
Books for January 2013

There are not many books but there are some big ones which will make the pile smaller too.

What are your plans for January?

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