Train on Thursday: The Cornish House, Liz Fenwick

I travel with public transport on a regular base. I always love to check out what other people read while traveling. When I get a chance I take a look if their book would be something for me.

The woman was walking trough the station not releasing her eyes from her ereader. I almost felt guilty when I startled her asking what she was reading. After she understood my meaning she was happy to share with me.

Sterren boven Cornwall Liz Fenwick coverWhen artist Maddie inherits a house in Cornwall shortly after the death of her husband, she hopes it will be the fresh start she and her step-daughter Hannah desperately need.
Trevenen is beautiful but neglected, a rambling house steeped in history. Maddie is enchanted by it and determined to learn as much as she can about its past. As she discovers the stories of generations of women who've lived there before, Maddie begins to feel her life is somehow intertwined within its walls.
But Maddie's dream of a calm life in the countryside is far from the reality she faces. Still struggling with her grief and battling with Hannah, Maddie is unable to find inspiration for her painting and realises she may face the prospect of having to sell Trevenen, just as she is coming to love it.
And as Maddie and Hannah pull at the seams of Trevenen's past, the house reveals secrets that have lain hidden for generations.

This would actually be a book I would probably like too. It sounds like a sweet and entertaining read with enough exciting moments. The reviews on Goodreads are a bit over the place though it has a nice average rating. As it is Liz Fenwick's debut novel it seems to be fine and I have added it to my TBR shelf.
Did you read this book and if, what did you think of it?

What books did you spot while commuting?  Leave a link to your post in the comments or if you do not have a blog your answer.
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