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While all the tweets slowly show that the BEA visitors slowly return home with all of their books Armchair BEA is coming to a close too.
This was the first year I actively participated in Armchair BEA after lurking around last year and I enjoyed myself a LOT. I met so many great new people and found great new blogs. To name just a few
These are just a few that really jumped out for me the last few days but I have seen so many other great new blogs I added to my feed to revisit and get acquainted with.

I did not participate in all the options. I did half of the twitter meeting on Friday and half on Sunday. It was big fun  but the times where a bit nasty. Friday right during dinner and Sunday early in the morning. I was glad I could participate in parts though. I reallly realllllly loved to watch the Armchair BEA award coverage and would love to thank both the people from Armchair BEA and Shinding for making this possible. It was fun to watch.

I wrote the following posts for Armchair BEA
About Blog Development
About Literary Fiction
About children's and young people books

I did not always have the time to write a proper post with the "what is this topic about" post going up halfway my day already. I might have been able to come up with some post for more of the topics if I had more time to think about them.

I would love to thank ALL the people organizing Armchair BEA Danielle, Amy, Pam, Chris, Florinda, Jasmine and Tif who gave me a total Harry Potter experience when she walked out of her webcam picture on the Shinding Armchair BEA awards!!  I really hope to join you again next year.
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Lexxie Lin
02 June, 2013 delete

I agree, it's so nice to have participated in BEA through Armchair BEA! And I have 'met' so many nice, new-to-me bloggers as well!

I look forward to getting to know you better, and hopefully, we'll be able to hook up for real one day :)

Here's my Armchair BEA Wrapup post.

03 June, 2013 delete

I can't wait til next year :) I'm hoping to plan ahead and participate a bit more next time around.