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Top Ten Tuesday buttonTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Every week the girls from the Broke and
Bookish come up with a subject and I will try to find 10 results combined with that weeks topic.

This weeks topic is traveling. My first reaction was "I do not know any books on traveling". Which obviously
is nonsense because I read books like The Time TRAVELER's Wife. This meant I had to go trough my read list and see what else I could come up with. Some books might be just on the verge of cheating but I did manage to find quite a few books where something happens that has to do with traveling.

1. The Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared. 
He was traveling for sure. Not only for real but in his head too.
2. The Shadow of The Night
Timetravel is upon us. I loved this book.
3. The Necromancer, Johannes Cabal #1
Taking that train full of crazies to save his soul.
4. The Time Traveler's Wife
YAY a lot of traveling done in this book
5. The Name of the Wind.
I did not see Kvothe in one place for a long time. Even on the University he was in and out all the time.
6. The Glass Castle
This family did not stop moving around.
7. Between Shades of Gray
Not the traveling you wish upon someone though
8. The Historian
Going from France to Romania, Turkey, England, Netherlands. She did travel a lot in search of her father.
9. The Colour of Magic.
Rincewind on a mission
10. The Hundred Year's War Trilogy by Thea Beckman.
About a group of young troubadours traveling trough France while the war is happening all around them.

So not only I was pleasantly surprised by the fact I read so many books on traveling. I even managed to find a full top ten this week. Do not forget to link me up to your's. I'd love to read your travel journal's. 

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Lexxie Lin
04 June, 2013 delete

I have only read one from your list as well - The Historian, and I loved it :) I have a couple of others on my TBR already, and added those with time travel. I don't know why, but I love time travel...

Great list - with lots of new-to-me books.

Thanks for stopping by my TTT post earlier.

Becca Bee
04 June, 2013 delete

Between Shades of Gray is on my list, too - the things those poor people endured was horrible. Nice choices. :)

04 June, 2013 delete

Yes, The Hundred Year Old Man!

Here's my Top Ten post. Hope you'll stop by!

04 June, 2013 delete

I enjoyed The Historian! Wasn't a favourite but it was nice!

04 June, 2013 delete

Great choices! I still need to read The Name of the Wind, though... I love The Historian, Time Traveler's Wife, and Shadow of Night, and still need to get the 100 Year Old Man. Nice list!