Review: Sorcerers of the Nightwing, Geoffrey Huntington

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Devon March has grown up knowing two things: the monsters in the closet are real, and he is stronger than they are. But at fourteen years old, he still doesn’t know why.
Now an orphan, Devon has been sent to live at Ravenscliff Manor with the foreboding Amanda Muir Crandall, her troubled nephew Alexander, and her feisty daughter Cecily. In the dark seaside mansion, plagued by ghosts, Devon learns the answers to at least some of his questions. Namely, his birthright as a sorcerer of the Order of the Nightwing, a three-thousand-year-old tradition of mysticism and magic, with roots that run deep in Ravenscliff. Living in the most mysterious place in a small town filled with colorful characters, Devon will have to quickly decide who he can trust, as Ravenscliff’s worst nightmare is about to return – and Devon is the last line of defense.

Geoffrey Huntington a pen name under which William J. Mann publishes his children's / YA fictions. He was born in 1963 in Connecticut and has a master degree from Wesleyan University. He has worked as a journalist and has several titles bot non-fiction and fiction under both names.

This book is leaving me conflicted. Parts of the story are so well done, great atmosphere and gripping where other parts just let me laugh at all the wrong times.
Devon has been trough a lot of things and moving away from what he knows I find him a bit to easy going. I cannot believe that someone, especially a 15 year old, would react like this. He gets a bit angry at some point but for me it felt he was not emotional enough. I was especially annoyed with the way his friendship with Cecily developed. Nothing sparked in Devon. Cecily on the other hand was a bit to sparkly for my taste making it difficult to take her serious. This made it difficult to connect to them and get really into the story.
The story is bumpy at points but as said before some parts of it are done really well. I loved the description when Devon arrives at Ravenscliff . It was so easy to feel the big dark manor on a cliff with all the scary surrounding it and there are more of those parts in the book that I was being very happy with all the scary. The transitions from one situation to the next where sometimes a bit harsh. While I was still enjoying the dark from the meeting with the house Devon would be send to bed like that and fell asleep while I was still in awe of the building. As I am a reader who loves to indulge in emotions like that it disturbed my reading experience of this book.

Sorcerers of the Nightwing
Author: Geoffrey Huntington
Publisher: Diversion Books
Format: eBook
ISBN-13: 9781626810730
Series: The Ravenscliff #1
Sorcerers of the Nightwing

2 star review

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