Review: The Green Eyed Monster, Mike Robinson

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book on Netgalley from the publisher in return for an honest review*
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Martin Smith and John Becker: bestselling authors with ordinary names and extraordinary minds. Rivals since childhood, they are natives of the northern California town of Twilight Falls, and famous for their uncanny similarity in both physical manner and literary voice. When one of them ends up dead at the other's home, an investigation is launched into their dark past, revealing a series of troubling stories from their childhood, adolescence and careers, throughout which pervades a sinister presence, an authorial entity with roots beyond our time or dimension - an entity with far-reaching designs.

Mike Robinson was born in Los Angeles. He has always aspired a career in writing. Besides writing he loves everything extraterrestrial. To make some extra money he he works as a professional manuscript editor.

After reading this book I am left with a very strong feeling of chaos. I was hoping for a very strong story about two authors who's lives got entangled so badly that they end up killing each other for one reason or another. The story did start at that point where the body is found and is supposed to travel back in time and see where the hate between these two authors is coming from. What happens next is that you are taken back to the moment the authors where born. After this you get the story of their first day at school seen from the eyes of their teacher. This part of the story does touch them but I felt it was more about the teacher and her motives. Next you get the story from Harry a student in their high school who has an interest in the two  boys for an article in the newspaper but that is just a side line in his own story.
I got the feeling to read a few short stories surrounding the authors more than the real story of the authors. I would have liked it better if it was seen from their point of view I think.
The style also made that I found the story hard to follow. I really had to take out all other distractions from my environment  to be able to keep up with the story. The combination of these two things made that I did not really connect with the story.
I do think that people that do not mind different point of views and fast paced stories can actually like this  very paranormal story in a close-knit community. So do not let the fact that my brain cannot handle it keep you from picking it up if it sounds interesting to you.

The Green Eyed Monster
Author: Mike Robinson
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
ISBN-10: 1620071045
ISBN-13: 9781620071045
Pages: 240
Format: eBook
Curiosity Quills Press: Various

2 star review

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Ellie Warren
10 March, 2013 delete

Haha it's a bit ironic that someone who works as an editor has produced a novel that's all over the place ;)

10 March, 2013 delete

I would say true, but I am honestly not sure if it is because my brain could not process it or it really was that bad.