Review: The Jelly Bean Crisis, Jolene Stockman

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review*
The Jelly Bean Crisis by Jolene StockmanWhen Poppy Johnson throws away a full scholarship to Columbia, she can only blame the jelly beans. The yucky green ones? Midnight cram sessions and Saturday’s spent studying. The delicious red? The family legacy: Columbia, and a future in finance. Except now it’s starting to look like Poppy’s jelly bean theory is wrong. School has been her life until, but maybe it’s time to start living now.

Jolene Stockman is an award winning writer, speaker, and an expert for Girlfriend Magazine Australia. She is a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and one of the youngest in the world to achieve the Distinguished Toastmaster Award. Jolene lives in New Zealand, and is the author of Total Blueprint for World Domination. The Jelly Bean Crisis is her debut fiction.
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This book was every bit what I hoped it would be. A sweet relaxing read about a serious subject.
We often discuss if 16 is not to young for people to decide what they want with the rest of their lives. In the Netherlands where I live it is common for about 60% of the teenagers to hit that point when they are 16. I loved the way the author tackled that issue in this book.
Poppy, the main character, is easy to connect too. She is a young woman wanting the best in her life and actually a straight A student due to hard work combined with common sense. When she realizes that other people think it will come to them no matter what because it is what they want she starts to doubt herself. Wondering if she is making the right choices for herself. Her struggle is written out very realistic. As a person who made a career switch at 27 I could easily connect with that feeling.
What I also liked a lot was the way Poppy her friends where reacting and how life happened and things got weird between the friends because they where at different points in their lives. It was very real life how that was described.
I think this is a great book for every person who is at a point in her or his life where the question "is this it?" pops up. It gives you subjects to consider without making it complicated, difficult and all the bad that usually comes with a mood like that.

The Jelly Bean Crisis
Author: Jolene Stockman
Asin: B008PODAAK
Pages: 308
Format: eBook
The Jelly Bean Crisis: Paperback | eBook 

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