Review: Cat out of Hell, Lynne Truss

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book on Netgalley from the publisher in return for an honest review*
Cat out of Hell, Lynne Truss
The scene: a cottage on the coast on a windy evening. Inside, a room with curtains drawn. Tea has just been made. A kettle still steams. Under a pool of yellow light, two figures face each other across a kitchen table. A man and a cat. The story about to be related is so unusual yet so terrifyingly plausible that it demands to be told in a single sitting. The man clears his throat, and leans forward, expectant.
'Shall we begin?' says the cat.

Lynne Truss is a writer and journalist who started out as a literary editor. The author of three novels and numerous radio comedy dramas, she spent six years as the television critic of The Times of London, followed by four years as a sports columnist for the same newspaper. She won Columnist of the Year for her work for Women's Journal. Lynne Truss also hosted Cutting a Dash, a popular BBC Radio 4 series about punctuation. She now reviews books for the Sunday Times of London and is a familiar voice on BBC Radio 4. She lives in Brighton, England.

The title, cover and synopsis of this book are very interesting making me want to read the book. Imagine sharing your tea with a talking cat?!?
The book is great fun and a quick read. I had expected something more scary and nerve wrecking but that did not really happen. I guess the biggest reason was the continuous change in style and voice. The book tells the story of other people written by Alec. Parts of the books are screenplay, email or written out audio but they all come with comments by Alex making it difficult to really connect to the story.
There are so many funny anecdotes in the book and I often had to laugh out loud. The talking cat is charming and you totally understand why the humans fall for him. Alec is a nice character though a bit confused.

Cat out of Hell
Author: Lynne Truss
Publisher: Cornerstone Digital
Pages: 240
Format: eGalley
Cornerstone Digital: eBook | Hardcover | Paperback
Cat out of Hell
3 stars

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13 March, 2014 delete

I also would have thought it will be about some scary black cat (I still think there is some tiny truth into the whole black cat thing), but I'm glad to learn it was quirky and fun.