Wishlist Wednesday: Unravelling Oliver, Liz Nugent

Wishlist Wednesday is a weeklies hosted by Pen to Paper. As I have enough wishes when it comes to books I decided to join this weekly and tell you about them. I am obviously curious about the books on your wishlist too so feel free to leave a message.

Unravelling Oliver, Liz Nugent
Oliver Ryan is a handsome and charismatic success story. He lives in the leafy suburbs with his wife, Alice, who illustrates his award-winning children's books and gives him her unstinting devotion. Their life together is one of enviable privilege and ease - enviable until, one evening after supper, Oliver attacks Alice and puts her into a coma.
In the aftermath, as everyone tries to make sense of his astonishing act of savagery, Oliver tells his story. So do those whose paths he has crossed over five decades. 

The sound of this is just horrifying, creepy and giving me the chills. Still....the moment I read the synopsis for this book I knew I wanted to read. I need to know what happened and why!
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Jennine G.
20 March, 2014 delete

Oh that does sound weird! Yet I kinda want to know what his deal is!

25 March, 2014 delete

I just received Penguin SA's book picks for April and this was on the list and I actually thought I'm going to take it! Now after seeing it on your wishlist, I'm definitely sure I want to read it.