Review: Hazan Family Favorites: Beloved Italian Recipes, Giuliano Hazan

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book on Netgalley from the publisher in return for an honest review*

Hazan Family Favorites, Giuliano Hazan cover
As a child in America, Giuliano Hazan’s mother, Marcella, packed him meatballs with potatoes and peas, veal stew with mushrooms, and other homemade dishes for lunch—dishes that in no way resembled the peanut butter sandwiches his classmates enjoyed. And so began his appreciation of great food. Hazan Family Favorites celebrates delicious recipes from the Hazan family, prepared just as Giuliano prepares them for his own family today. Here are 85 recipes for every course in the Italian meal, including Appetizers, Soups, Pastas and Rice, Meats and Seafood, and Sides and Desserts. With recipes from Swiss Chard Tortelloni to Strawberry Gelato and everything in between, Hazan Family Favorites offers an intimate look at this iconic family and their most beloved recipes.

I love "reading" books about food filled with recipes. You can find me drooling over nice food pictures at least once a day and when we go to get groceries I am always looking for "weird" food. So while browsing the cooking, food & wine area on Netgalley I knew I was in danger. Seeing this book with the great piece of meat on the front I could not help myself but request it. And Netgally users know the deal... if you request you will review. End of April I had some days off and decided to pick out some of the recipes and give them a try. Obviously someone was dancing trough the house looking forward to nice food (and the evenings he did not have to cook). I decided on giving the following two recipes a try Maccheroni soup with sausage and Porcini and Meatballs with tomato's and peas.
Making the lists was easy. The book gives a clear list of the needed ingredients and how many these numbers serve. The only thing I could hope for was that our Dutch shops had all the ingredients but they seem to be very basic and in the end I was able to find them all without much hassle.
So ready set go into the kitchen to make the food. The recipes are easy to follow and the chopping of the onion is described too. I like when all steps are written out clearly in a recipe. When it is important there is also a clear description of how the food must look before going to the next step. In the Maccheroni recipe the vegetables need to be a bit brown which should happen around 5 minutes but if you go over or under that time you still get the idea what it should look like. Both recipes where well documented and written out and it was easy to follow the steps and make the food.
What I did miss was pictures. There where a lot of pictures in the book telling the story of the Hazan family and there where pictures with some recipes but not with all. I always love to compare my end product with a picture. Or just drool over the pictures of the recipes I declare to complicated.
Reading the history and how the recipes came to this bundle was nice too. You get a good look at how the whole cooking thing developed and really became a thing.
If you like Italian food with an authentic taste but are usually not much of a chef in your kitchen this book is a go to for sure. Easy to follow, every day food combined with party food. There are budget recipes and not so much budget recipes. There are instructions how to keep the leftovers and when you can make big amounts from a recipe to freeze and use in other recipes.

Mister Hazan's Maccheroni
Ciska's Maccheroni

Hazan Family Favorites: Beloved Italian Recipes
Author: Giuliano Hazan
Publisher: Stewart, Tabori & Chang
ISBN-10: 1453286330
ISBN-13:  9781453286333
Pages: 176
Format: eBook
Stewart, Tabori & Chang: various
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That meat looks like an SA delicacy that I love to indulge in - biltong :)

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Oww biltong :) I can see it but the meat from the book is not dried :)