Review: The Judas Reflections: Murder in Whitechapel, Aiden James & Michelle Wright

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher on Netgalley in return for an honest review*
The Judas Reflections: Murder in Whitechapel, Aiden James & Michelle Wright cover
Emmanuel Ortiz holds an ancient and dark secret…
His real name is Judas Iscariot.
Forced to walk the earth as a cursed immortal, Judas’ disguise as Emmanuel does little to ease his eternal loneliness. Having recovered nine of his thirty blood coins, his focus is not yet on redemption for his treacherous role in the betrayal of Jesus Christ.
Distractions come easily for the rich entrepreneur and sometimes sleuth who presently resides in England, 1888. Fascinated by the spate of murders in London’s poverty stricken Whitechapel, Emmanuel soon realizes the killings resemble others he is familiar with, and the bloody signature of killing and taunts speaks to the unholy talents of yet another immortal…an enemy from long ago.
This knowledge fuels his determination to track and apprehend the infamous Jack the Ripper at any cost.

Born in Denver Colorado, Aiden James is fascinated by Gothic history and the supernatural. Aiden currently lives with his wife and two sons in Tennessee.
Michelle Wright was born in London's east-end into a family of psychic mediums, her passion for writing started young. By her early teens she had published stories in magazines and wrote scripts for school plays. In later years becoming a psychotherapist and journalist in-between practicing her psychic skills she travelled extensively. Having lived in Spain and the US she now resides in Belgium.

I am not so sure what to say about this book or how to rate it. I love reading mystery and suspense books and Jack the Ripper is a great character to use building up a good story. Combined with the quite interesting idea of Judas becoming immortal to pay for his betrayal I was curious how it worked out in one story. After finishing the book I am asking myself what I read. In a way I liked reading the story. I loved the style but I did not find the story that exciting.
You are living in Judas his (or Emmanuel as he is called now) thoughts. This is entertaining enough and I like the way his whole live is playing part in the story. This is done so well you can really feel along and get angry when he is angry and worry when he is worried. Still this was not enough to make the story exciting. There is not really a puzzle idea thing are just happening and going on and I never really felt excitement for him getting close to Jack or not.
I liked the character of Roderick. He seems like an great fellow and I wonder who he is supposed to be in history. I was not able to guess. I am curious about other work by both writers. I loved their choice of words and the writing style was soothing and enjoyable. I will probably try the other books in the Judas series.

The Judas Reflections: Murder in Whitechapel
Author: Aiden James & Michelle Wright
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
ISBN-13:  9781620071984
Pages:212 (paperback)
Format: eBook
Curiosity Quills Press: various

3 star review

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04 May, 2013 delete

What a weird but interesting premise to a novel. Shame it wasn't as good as you'd hoped though.