Review: The Moon of Innocence, Uke Jackson

The Moon of Innocence Uke Jackson
Generalissimo Francisco Franco, the last Fascist standing after World War II, was at the height of his power. Among his other acts of tyranny, he tried to abolish the Catalan language.
It is against this backdrop that the young poet Cesar and Maria, the farm girl that he loves, try to find freedom in each other. Like The Sorrows of Young Werther or Romeo and Juliet, societal conventions pave the way for tragedy. 

Uke Jackson, a playwright, novelist, broadcaster, bandleader and musician, was born Stephen DiLauro. His plays have been produced in different theaters in downtown Manhattan. Over the years, he contributed short stories, essays and articles to magazines and newspapers across America, including the Miami Herald Sunday Magazine, NY Daily News, Philadelphia Inquirer, Berkeley Barb, Smithsonian, Travel & Leisure, and others. For many years, his light verse was a frequent feature in the NY Times. For more information on Uke Jackson visit

This book was offered to me by the author with whom I got in contact trough a Goodreads reading group. 
From the messages I read by him I knew his use of language could be very challenging and this I found in the book too. The style is very poetic showing that besides writing books this author is a musician too.
The story is a very solid whodunnit. Till the end you wonder what happens and why. Characters are not always what they seem. In the beginning you start to think the American woman must be important for the story but in the end this does not really stand. Same with a lot of characters that start out as possible important characters. On the other hand the characters I found most important for the story did not start out as very strong characters in the beginning. Therefore it is easy to neglect them while later you wished you did not. Chapter cuts in the book are not always in a logical place. For me as a chapter to chapter reader this was sometimes disturbing.

Still a very entertaining read in a surprisingly refreshing style which can be read on either a rainy afternoon or a sunny day in the park.

The Moon of Innocence
Author: Uke Jackson
Publisher: Uke Jackson Entertainment
ISBN-10: 1467966185
Pages: 176
Format: eBook
The Moon of Innocence is only available trough Amazon in paperback and Kindle version

3 stars

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