Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Movies

top ten tuesday buttonTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Every week the girls from the Broke and
Bookish come up with a subject and I will try to find 10 results combined with that weeks topic.

This weeks topic is going to give me some serious problems. I hardly ever watch movies and if I do I am not always aware if there is a book with it or not. On the other side I am not running to the cinema because there is a movie for a book I love either. I love to use my own imagination and hate to get it spoiled because Hollywood felt the need to put a blond actor where I had a nice looking dark man in my head. So I will just start to try and name 10 movies I guess and see where I end up.

1. Harry Potter (all of them)
I have seen all of them obviously and I did like them. Still when I re-read the books earlier this year I felt the atmosphere better and noticed they did miss out on some things too that I felt really made the books special.

2. Twilight (all of them)
Yeah I did it. I read all the books and saw all the movies in my personal opinion they are so awful it becomes funny and I like a good laugh.

3. Bram Stocker's Dracula (the 1992 movie)
I like the movie way better than the book. At least I was able to make it to the end of the movie ;)

4. The Hunger Games
I read the books just before the release of the movie and was curious how they would handle certain situations. I liked the book better because I felt the emotions and the messages of the people better in the book.

5. The Time Traveller's Wife
I first saw the movie and liked it a lot. Read the book last year and I think that is one you should read before seeing the movie.

6. Water for Elephants
Am not sure which one I liked more for this. The atmosphere was great with both the read and the movie and I enjoyed them both. I saw the movie before reading the book with this one too.

Ow wow! That is more than I had expected but after checking this against my reading list I must admit this is as far as I get with my book/movie list. I am curious how many times I am going to say "I saw that one" while visiting other blogs today.
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09 July, 2013 delete

I enjoyed The Time Traveller's Wife, both the book and the movie. Obviously the movie could not include everything from the book but I liked it. And the soundtrack was gorgeous =)


10 July, 2013 delete

I also have read and watch Twilight :) I didn't like the films that much, but I really like romance, so I liked the books.
The time traveler's wife is a special book for me; I loved it very-very much.
I also have seen Water for elephants, but I really didn't get into the film. I think that one of the best points of the book were the chapters in which Jacob was old, and they were absolutely missing in the film.

And I have to say that I'm a little like you because I don't watch so many films and it's been years since last time I went to the cinema. From time to time I take some films out from the public library, but that's all.

12 July, 2013 delete

I only saw about 1 Harry Potter movie, I'm planning on reading the books, then watching the movies.

I read and watched Twilight saga, I enjoyed the books, the movies were nice too, but the books are the best. I saw Hunger Games, didn't read the book yet. Saw Time Traveller's Wife and Water for Elephants too - didn't read the books.