Train on Thursday: Het volmaakte schot, Varg Gyllander

I travel with public transport on regular base. One of my favorite past times when in bus or train besides reading is checking out what other people read. I usually look these books up (especially when someone is so hooked they don't notice me checking them out) to see if they would be something for me. In this weekly I will introduce you to the books I spotted while traveling.
If you want to join in this weekly feel free to write your own post on the books you spot. That can be anywhere, in the park, on the street, in line at the bookstore / library. There is a linky in the bottom to link up your post. Or leave a comment.

(The Perfect Shot) One early spring morning a body of a young woman is found in a fountain in the center of Stockholm. It is obvious she has been shot. Early reports talk abut an accident but when a graffiti artist is killed the same way not soon after the investigation starts to consider murder. The only similarity in both murders though is that there is no evidence that can be used at the crime scene. That is until detective Ulf Holtz discovers an interesting detail..

I guess I could pick up this book. I usually pick up crime novels that take place in the UK or USA and for a while I tried to stay far away from the Nordic crime authors. I am still not sure why. After reading the synopsis I am curious what Ulf Holtz has discovered it sounds like a great puzzle.

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I've read Nordic crime fiction :)